Appreciating Paris- hidden and not-so-hidden treasures

Appreciating France's capital is very easy to do, as there are so many little less well known churches, chapels, side streets and parks to take in. If you're there for a little longer than a weekend or so, it's strongly recommended that you take a few detours off the beaten track. If you've been to the Louvre, Notre Dame and generally ticked off a few things you've heard highly about, it's a great time to get exploring.

Check out some of the lesser known churches, which you can very easily do with a free tourist map, and have a poke around inside. If you'™ve fallen for French crêpes for example, you might be travelling from Josephine's in Montparnasse to Breizh café near Marais. Enroute you will find no shortage of churches and little alleys that will provide unique photo opportunities and a chance to see a different side of Paris. You might find yourself falling for the hushed quiet and marble statues in a local church that you'd never have discovered if you'd stuck to the tour guide.

Another much better known sight very much worth seeing is Sacre Coeur, but if you're going here in the evening you'll find it's got a very different vibe than it does during the day. Sacre Coeur is accessible by Metro if you've taken our advice and started exploring independently. The selfie-stick and keychain sellers will still be there, but it's very much more chilled out and most people will be there to hang out and enjoy the panorama of the city. It's a bit of a climb uphill or stairs, but the view at the top is one of the most memorable you'll have from your Paris trip. Go there on a clear evening and you'll be able to watch the sun set in a blaze of inspiring colours.