Getting around Paris and the Louvre

If you haven't pre-planned your trip, you'll hopefully be able to very much enjoy Paris through a combination of Metro, taxis and walking.

While the first can be pretty efficient once you get the hang of it, it's always so lovely to fit in some walks and taxi rides if your feet get sore. A lot of the time, you'll be walking in between shops, houses and bustling traffic. When you do get the chance to walk alongside the Seine- or if you've booked yourself a leisurely cruise along it- you'll be seeing the city from a different perspective.

You'll already be alongside the river if you've got Notre Dame on your list of things to see, so you'll be able to see that the waterways of Paris are sweetly peppered with lazy barges and shady benches for a little rest. You'll come across a lot of bikes and bike paths, which is very much a European thing.

Remember that bikes in Paris, like cars, are one of the main ways for locals to get from A to B. This means that if you're not used to sharing a pavement with cyclists, it may take some getting used to. Once you do though, walking is a very effective way of really getting a feel for Paris and it's awesome, lesser-known sights. Paris is also full of bike stations, which means that you too could join the locals. If you're not too keen on driving or crossing the roads, you're not alone.

Drivers in Paris can be a little...passionate, so it's a fantastic idea to rent a bike for the hour or day from one of the many pay-as-you-go stations. You can always use these bikes for a short trip and return them elsewhere across the city when you're done, plus you're being eco-friendly!