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You are planning a city trip to Paris and want to make sure you see all the major attractions, but you wonder if there are some attractions you should not miss. You are coming to the wonderful city of Paris, and one of the most important steps to plan your trip in Paris successfully is to compile a list of things to see and do that you absolutely must. Our best attractions and activities include the Eiffel Tower, one of the top ten most famous attractions in the world.

Other historical landmarks in Paris include the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower itself. These are the 15 attractions you need to see in and around Paris, because the history of the city of Paris and its history in general is very interesting.

The heart of the City of Love lies in its watercourses and also houses some fascinating museums. The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower will always occupy a special place there, but there are many other attractions to see, especially at night. This may not be the first attraction that comes to mind when thinking of Paris But it's a great place to go and also home to a fascinating museum.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the best things to see in Paris at night, especially when it is illuminated. It rises high above the Parisian countryside and symbolises Paris, offering spectacular views of the city from all three levels. At night, Paris can be seen from the EIFFEL Tower, and the view can also be seen from many other places in the city, such as Place de la Concorde.

You may not have the view, but from here you can spread out over most of Paris in front of you. La Defense, the roof of the Eiffel Tower, overlooks the Champs-Elysees and the Louvre. In addition, you can ride the Tour de France and other public transport in Paris and of course forget the fantastic view from the EIFFEL Tower. Time permitting, other sights in Paris must be visited - such as Place de la Concorde, Place des Arts and Place Saint-Germain-de-France, St-Etienne-du-Marais, the Paris Cathedral and St. Paul's Cathedral.

From websites to events, here are 15 images - perfect places to visit Paris, France, to top your traveler list if you're looking for some of the unusual places you've visited in France. From the free things to see and do when visiting Paris to the 14 secret places to see when you're in Paris, here are the 15 pictures - from - the - ideal - place - to - visit - in - Paris - France, to go.

Add this iconic Parisian site, which is at the top of your French bucket list, to your bucket list in France when you see and do everything.

You are also welcome to join this list and have a wonderful time exploring the French capital by discovering and experiencing all the famous things in Paris. This is a great resource that allows you to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Paris, France. We want to make the most of our stay and make sure you and your family enjoy your time in France as much as possible over the next few days and weeks. Make sure you have fun, make the most of your time with Paris and travel with your friends and family during your trip.

We hope this list of the best things to do in Paris at night will give you some ideas for the nights to come in Paris. Read them to get the most out of your nights in Paris, and we hope they'll give you an idea of what you can come up with for your nights in France.

We have a list of things to do in Paris at night in places where you want to spend some of the most beautiful moments of your trip.

Before we start with the 22 highlights of Paris, let me share some of the most important things not to miss in Paris. What is often overlooked in our Paris travel guides is the must-see - see the sights of Paris. Located on Mahatma Gandhi Street in Paris, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France and a must for any Paris tourist.

Just 40 minutes from Paris, the Versailles full-day tour is something that must be included in your itinerary. That's probably as close as the city centre (except, of course, for the day trip to Verse).

If you are interested in visiting all these places in Paris, take a look at our list of the best places to visit in the city center for a full-day tour of Paris. To help you discover the creme de la creme of all Paris attractions, TourScanner has put together the 44 best places in and around Paris on our ultimate Paris bucket list. Rock out with an evening at the Moulin Rouge, because there's a lot to do in Paris at night.

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