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Most people consider France to be the centre of the French music scene, but it's just a slice of that cake, you might think. I wanted to break out of my bold hometown and experiment with a different kind of music in a brave way.

If you are a musician or just want to listen to music, then music museums should be on your Paris itinerary. Listen to a song from the Paris Cafe Society and you will be transported back to the old town of Paris and its famous cafés. French songs, why not use them and say, "Will you take me to Paris, Pigalle or Ile Saint-Louis? The lyrics don't need lyrics to evoke Paris; listen to this song from the Parisian café Society, you will.

It is difficult to choose a category for Paris, but there are some great places to visit, and some places are original. If you are looking for a place with a history of music, art, architecture, culture, history and art, then you are exactly right here. It is also a great place to visit a museum, concert hall, opera house or even a theater or cinema.

The City of Lights is also the unofficial "City of Music" and for this you should definitely be on the itinerary.

If you're not in Paris on June 21st, check out all the other party events in and around Paris. Save yourself the trouble of struggling through all the different ticket options in the City of Lights. Find out what you can and can't book in advance and wait until the last day before your trip to the City of Lights and save yourself a little time to sort through the many different hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants available in France.

I somehow managed to shrink this list down to include every single song by Serge Gainsbourg, so if you liked it, check out all the songs you have to listen to from his entire catalogue. If you feel like I missed something, let me know your favorite songs from Paris in the comments below!

This playlist is designed to present some of the historically significant French songs that are deeply rooted in our culture, transcending their genre, as well as the best contemporary music that comes from Paris today. French music song that has proven itself over time and transcends its genre because it is popular.

Music has always played a major role in French culture and history, and the French Revolution was no different. American jazz, but we were one of the first countries in the United States to record and promote it in the 20th century.

In the 1920s and 1930s, we focused on music and introduced many famous singers, including Mistinguett, Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf. In 1932 I founded the Paris Jazz Club, the first of its kind in the United States. We would organize concerts in Paris and around the world, such as New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Paris and London.

World music recorded in Paris also had a unique success for the French capital. The musicals began in Paris and led to successes in London, New York and around the world.

If you want to spend an incredible night in Paris and listen to classical music, Sainte Chapelle is the place to be. Radio France also broadcasts classical, traditional and modern choral works, which are also regularly broadcast on French radio and television. If you are an opera fan, you should visit this place if you want to stage your own opera, opera or even a live opera performance. This is also a nice place to spend an hour listening to new trends in French music.

The Irish musician, who has graced concert halls in Paris, France and Ireland for decades with his large presence and sound, is solid. Paddy Sherlock, a long-time Parisian expat, is running his course - with a great sense of humour and humour on the city's music scene.

Over the years, many French artists have played here, including Bruno Mars, Elton John, David Guetta and many others. France's top rapper is the Senegalese-born artist, for example, who moved to Paris and saw his albums dominate the French charts for decades. Coin des rue elle fleurit "by singer-songwriter, producer and producer Jean Claude Van Damme and his band.

Carla Bruni is an outstanding singer and songwriter, despite being the former first lady of France. French public and charmed them with her chanson francaise style of singing, brought it into the global mainstream, released dozens of albums and caused a scandal. She brought reggae closer to the French audience, where he established himself as a strong influence.

Florence, Maria and Diana were born in Paris, with Florence as the daughter of the first lady of France and Maria as the daughter of her mother.

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