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Although the summer season for tourists may last well into October, this does not mean that the Parisian nightlife and local attractions will take a break, which is a great opportunity to discover the culture, history and romance of the French capital.

As well as the weather, a trip to Paris in October brings particularly low fares, and visitors from around the world crowd the city's streets. Although Paris is not a cheap city at the best of times, it is still one of the most popular seasons to visit Paris, with travel prices much cheaper due to reduced crowds. Summer may be the most expensive time of year to visit Paris, but there are also higher prices out of season, and Parisians themselves have escaped cities in favor of rural France. The most common reason for budget travelers to visit Paris in winter is that it is also the highest season for prices, so this year may not be a costly time to visit.

Summer is also a good time to visit, especially in early June, when the weather is perfect and tourists are not yet arriving en masse. The summer crowds are thinning, so you'll probably have more space to stroll around and really enjoy some of the beautiful museums and galleries of Paris, and there are also cool, crisp days that are perfect for hiking. On the other hand, you will experience some rainy days, but you will not feel that you have missed much because of the rain when you sit on a terrace or in a café, as Paris has a lot to offer in the house. Autumn weather in Paris can be cloudy, wet and windy, but it can also be one of the most beautiful seasons for a trip to Paris, with cool temperatures and cool breezes and a cool, fresh day that is the perfect walk.

If you are looking for dry weather, it will be between April and September, then January, and then the first spring blooms will appear in Paris, simply because of the increasing degree of daylight that will appear in some parts of Paris in late April or early May, but not in others.

The February weather is not much different from January, but the same is expected, with only a few days less rain. It is not torrential, nor is it expected to rain until early May, and there is a good chance of a brief period of dry weather in late April and May.

In November it is mostly cloudy or overcast on 17 to 18 days, while on 12 to 13 days it remains sunny or partly sunny. Skies are likely to be mostly sunny, with a good chance of a brief period of dry weather in late November / early December. In November, about 17 to 18 of the November days are cloudy to mostly cloudy, while these days it is 12 to 13 days sunny to partly sunny, and on the last day of October and November the sky is sunny during the day for a few hours.

In May, the weather warms to a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius, ideal for a day exploring the beautiful gardens and parks of the city. The daytime highs will be between 73 and 5º and it will feel cool in the face of humidity and wind. Even if this doesn't seem very high, remember that Paris can feel warmer due to the humidity. The perceived humidity in Paris varies considerably from day to day, so the percentage of time you are in a humid, oppressive, or miserable state is measured between 2% and 2.5%.

Every day, different types of precipitation are observed, with no trace amounts, and rain and snow fall on the same day. Due to this classification, the most common form of precipitation per year is not rain alone, but rain or snow falling on the same days.

Summer in Paris is generally warm, with the mercury reaching 24 ° C. However, snow is rare enough to cause it. The weather can be cold, but it is not often below freezing, and at this time of year one forgets the cold weather of the winter months such as March, April, May and June. Winter temperatures are around 34F (1c) and the general weather in September is slightly better than in May, although snow can still cause problems, as in summer. It is not often above freezing and While the rain provides a sense of serenity, there is just as much to see in summer as in winter, especially in the first half of September.

Thunderstorms are expected from time to time, as well as heat waves, which could occur in the 1990s, for example in the summer months.

If we look at the weather forecast for winter in Paris, we can tell you that temperatures will not rise above 10 oC (50oF), so the Paris weather can be described as mild and could be considered comparable to a city like San Francisco. In Paris, summer is short, pleasant and partly cloudy, the weather is warm and sunny, and it rains about 1.5% of the day. Winter is very cold, windy, mostly cloudy and with a high probability of thunderstorms, rain and lightning.

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